Wednesday/ Stellenbosch

A visit to the Cape Town area is not quite complete for me without checking up on my old alma mater, the University of Stellenbosch, and the town itself.  It was very late on Tuesday afternoon when I got there, though – and so the shadows were too long for taking fully lit pictures of the beautiful buildings.  But here they are anyway.

16040288 sm
The renovation on the Faculty of Engineering’s main building is almost complete. The canopy at the entrance is new, and will help students to prepare for going out into rainy winter weather. The lecture rooms inside have been redone as well.
16040293 sm
One of my favorite buildings, the ‘Old Main Building’. I should have tried to use the camera’s flash to light up the two pillars for the gate in the foreground a little bit.
16040298 sm
This is Crozier House, a student residence that accommodates 6 or 8. I was squished in between the house and a big tree and a street behind me, and so I could frame only the middle section of the house. This is a case where I should try to use the ‘RAW’ version of the picture to increase the contrast between the pastel colors (this a .JPG picture).
IMG_4040 sm
Stellenbosch used to have Afrikaans only as instruction medium at the university, but in recent times that has been challenged, with some organizations even calling for it to be abolished. In a recent settlement, though, Afrikaans and English will have equal status. This poster from the organization Afriforum says that ‘Afrikaans Will Stay’ and that education in one’s mother tongue is a constitutional right.


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