Sunday/ here come the Ultra Monsters

Part of the joy of coming home from a long trip to new places for me it to unpack and ‘discover’ the little souvenirs that I had collected everywhere I had been.  So may I present out of my suitcase – and from the Akihabara store in Tokyo – some ‘spark dolls’ from the Ultra Monster series. These are monsters that battle with superhero Ultraman.  From Wikipedia : Ultraman (ウルトラマン) is a Japanese live-action television series that first aired in 1966. Ultraman ultimately became a major pop culture phenomenon in Japan. The show’s success spawned dozens of sequels, spin-offs, imitators, parodies and remakes.

IMG_2294 sm
From left to right : Alien Icarus, Cyber King Guesra, Kanegon, Alien Akumania, Cyber Fanton.

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