Saturday (Seattle time)/ don’t lost your belonging

Here’s a poster from Tokyo’s Haneda airport with cute English translations. Hey, it’s all good advice. The monorail I took into Haneda airport actually looks like this inside, too. (No bullet trains run to Haneda airport, but it is a lot closer to the city).

I’m home, with all my ‘belonging’ !
I made it into Seattle-Tacoma airport at 5 pm local time.
(So I arrived at 5 pm in Seattle on Saturday after departing at 9.45 pm on Saturday in Tokyo, the result of flying east across the International Dateline.  I got the 24 hrs back that I lost when I traveled out in the opposite direction).

My connection in Vancouver was again a little tight, but once more it helped that Canadian customs and baggage claim there were very efficient. Vancouver airport actually does Canadian arrival and USA entry processing right there, so that Vancouver-Seattle passengers do not have to go through United States customs upon arrival in Seattle.

IMG_2265 sm
This is the departure lounge at Haneda Airport’s International Terminal.
IMG_2292 sm
The view from my seat on the way in from Vancouver. Our Bombardier Q400 propeller plane came to a halt at Seattle-Tacoma’s Terminal C, with the main departure lounge of the airport in the background.


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