Saturday/ one more day in Tokyo

I arrived at my fancy hotel on Friday night.  (Decided I need to ‘upgrade’ my hotel that I had coming in.  The Prince Sakura Tower Hotel is a special ‘autograph collection’ Marriott Hotel, and I used Marriott Points so that I did not have to pay $400 for a night’s stay!).  I packed it in today, spending most of the time I had in Akihabara and Shinjuku, and now I am at Haneda airport waiting for my flight to Vancouver.

IMG_2165 sm
The Prince Sakura Tower Hotel is on the left. The room was great; the breakfast buffet was a little bit of an East-meets-West thing with less Western food one normally finds at a Marriott, but it was all good).
IMG_2070 sm
The rail network in Tokyo is very, very extensive (make that rail networks; several rail operators have train lines and trains). The platform is unusually empty since it is late at night.
IMG_2188 sm
Many buildings in Akihabara Electronics Town are decorated with huge anime art.
IMG_2244 sm
Japan Rail’s Shinjuku Train Station is on the left. It is by far the world’s busiest train station hub. It has to be experienced to be believed. The station itself has 36 platforms, including an underground arcade, above ground arcade, numerous hallways, there are well over 200 exits. Another 17 platforms (51 total) can be accessed through hallways to 5 directly connected stations, without surfacing outside. (Data from Wikipedia).

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