Thursday/ arrival in Frankfurt

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‘I am a king’ .. why would anyone want to shoot me? asks the lion on the cover of Stern news magazine at the airport.

(Thursday night USA time, Friday morning Frankfurt time).  Well, I made it in.  I had fantasies of open seats remaining open next to mine as I checked in on-line and selected my seat for the flight, but none of those came true : the flight to Frankfurt was packed. Mostly German and Dutch peeps returning home, from what I could tell.  A Flemish-speaking family near me (I inadvertently eavesdropped on them) was going home to Brussels.   It was was warm today here in Frankfurt and I was sweating as I walked the short distance for the Festhalle/ Messe U-bahn stop to the Marriott hotel !

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Here is a view of a row of Lufthansa tails from Frankfurt’s Terminal Z shortly after I stepped off the plane at 8.30 am.
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Here is the main train station, Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. We had just arrived from the Flughafen (airport). I stepped over from the S-bahn to the U-bahn here at Hauptbahnhof.
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Here is a view of the ‘Messe Frankfurt’ from high up in the Marriott hotel. The ‘Messe’ is one of the world’s largest trade fair centers : anything from industrial tools, cars, household items, even books, are exhibited for buyers in these halls. The building top left with the colored roof sections is a large shopping mall.

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