Wednesday/ my bags are packed

My bags are packed.  I am leaving for Frankfurt in the morning.  This is part of my trip to South Africa.  I have checked in on-line; I have my Frankfurt Metro app on my iPhone, and I have some left-over Euros from previous trips.  (Yes, I have my passport.  Without Mr Passport in one’s pocket, the journey will not even start !).   It’s a 747 we will be flying in, and the flight time is about 9 hrs.

8-12-2015 10-36-30 PM
Here’s a little graphic outline of the route, and below the technical flight details from

8-12-2015 10-36-02 PM


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    1. Aha :). Our aircraft was a Boeing 747, 3-4-3 seating in coach. I sat in the back on the aisle at the side. I thought afterwards an aisle seat in the middle may be slightly better. Then there’s only one person that could bother me to get out. Then again, I don’t mind at all to get up when people need to get out; it give me an excuse to stand up and stretch my legs! 🙂

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