Friday/ Frankfurt Altstadt

Friday brought cooler temperatures and a little rain late in the afternoon as well.  The Altstadt (old city) in the historic heart of Frankfurt is undergoing a lot of new construction here.  At least the Römerberg square is now nicely cleaned up (it was not when I checked it out a few years ago).

IMG_8734 sm
Here’s a 1950s vintage engineering handbook that was for sale by a vintage art and bookstore. I love the crisp graphics (showing a lot of very ‘engineered’ ways to measure temperature, in this case).
IMG_4205 sm
Here are some of the buildings around the Römerberg square. I suppose there are people that live upstairs from the cafes and restaurants .. why wouldn’t there be?
IMG_4194 sm
Here is the Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus cathedral, holding its own in the middle of all the construction. And why would it not? The current church was built from 1250-1514, the third building in the same place, and it survived World War II .. at a time when most of Frankfurt was destroyed.
IMG_8722 sm
This paving, lighting and wall tiles at the Domplatz (Cathedral Square) U-bahn station is new and very nicely done. (I waited for the silly humans in front of me to disappear so that they would not spoil the clean lines in picture!).


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