Monday/ to Kettleman City

I had to get up early on Kettleman CityMonday morning to go out and help with the training of our system’s new users, located in Kettleman City in the Central Valley in California.  (There is a big gas pipeline compressor station there).  Kettleman City is a small town just off of I-5.  I took a flight out to Los Angeles airport and did the three-hour drive up north from there.  It is hot out here – of course.   At 7 o’clock this evening, it was still 96°F/ 36°C.

IMG_8454 sm
The clouds were still lying low over Seattle-Tacoma airport as we waited to get pushed back from the gate at 6.30 am. This was the view from my seat 16D on the wing.
IMG_8462 sm
We’re at the gate in LAX. The old space age-y control tower is just visible in the middle of the picture. LAX is still sprawling and seems to forever under construction. ‘The next great world airport’ proclaims the signs on the construction fences.
IMG_8477 sm
This is a stop I made at the Tejon Pass Rest Area.   Everything seemed to shimmer in the afternoon heat, and the sky was a vivid blue. 


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