Tuesday/ the California Aqueduct

The Governor Edmund G. Brown California Aqueduct is a system of canals, tunnels, and pipelines that conveys water collected from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and valleys of Northern and Central California, to Southern California – across hundreds of miles.  I drive across three aqueduct bridges from my hotel here in Kettleman City* to the training sessions.    There are signs by the orchards here that says ‘No Water = No Jobs’ and ’25 million Californians are not getting millions of gallons of water they paid for’.

*I’m going to report them to Governor Jerry Brown.  The sprinklers for the little bitty green lawn by the hotel entrance were on this morning.  Sorry, but the lawn needs to go.  Put some rocks and cactuses in!

IMG_8494 sm
Here is one of the sections of the California Aqueduct that I cross to go to my training work sessions.   This aqueduct is actually called the ‘Los Angeles River’ – a very man-made river that would in its natural state be almost permanently dry year-round. 
California's Aquducts sm
Here is the same spot shown in Google Streetview.


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