Sunday/ back on the Bainbridge Island ferry

On Sunday morning we had a littleBanbridge breakfast at the Hans Grille, and then made for the Bainbridge ferry terminal.   The online page for the terminals give a count of the number of places on the ferry that remain for cars, and we were cutting it close for the 11.30 am departure*.  As we pulled up to the payment booth, the clerk removed the 11.30 am sign and said we were ‘questionable’ for making the 11.30.  But we made it, albeit with only two cars behind us. Yes!

*Worst thing that can happen when one does not make a departure, is to have to wait patiently for the next sailing, about an hour later .. except if it is the last one of the day of course.   Then you would have to drive around the Sound like we did coming in.  (And if it was that important to catch the ferry, one should have allowed more time to wait upfront, right?).

IMG_8406 sm
Here’s a nice little outline map of the northern part of Kitsap Peninsula outside the restaurant. The Hansville community number about 3,000, and many years ago there used to be a small fisherman’s wharf and buildings, and a cannery, shown in the mural.
IMG_8410 sm
This rusted truck was nearby, and I had to take a picture.
IMG_8426 sm3
Here’s the Seattle skyline as we approach the city. The crossing from Bainbridge Island takes about 35 minutes.  There is one cruise ship in the center of the picture, and there were two more further to the right (not in the picture).

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