Saturday/ Pike and Pine

We walked around Pike and Pine Streets on Capitol Hill to check out how the building boom (of apartments) is progressing – along with the interesting people that are out and about on the street.   Here are a few pictures.

IMG_7929 sm
Many apartment buildings are nearing completion.  I hope the exteriors are durable and will look as good several years from now !
IMG_7936 sm
Yes, working pinball machines are still appreciated, and around. (But are gone if they were ever here .. or are still hiding from us).
IMG_7931 sm
A beer bust means you pay money at the door but then the beers are only $1 each. And the Bottom Forty is an alternative music ranking to the Billboard Top Forty.
IMG_7932 sm
.. cigarette butts, that is! I guess there will always be smokers, but at least they have to go outside to smoke.

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