Monday/ a different kind of boarding

IMG_5399 sm
This is after arriving in San Francisco.  We’re driving north and are about to enter downtown San Francisco before we make a turn to the east onto the Bay Bridge (a little bit of the old bridge visible in the distance).
IMG_5392 sm
Here’s our Alaska Airlines jet parked outside Seattle airport’s North Terminal  at 5 am in the morning.   To get to the plane, we walked downstairs after exiting the terminal, through a temporary tunnel and then clambered aboard using a temporary scaffold-like gangway.   Wow .. the terminal probably needs to be expanded, I thought.  

Our San Francisco-bound plane from Alaska Airlines this morning was parked way out, and away from the North Terminal.

So once we walked though the gate at the North Terminal’s boarding door, we went down- stairs and onto the tarmac. From there a constructed tunnel and a temporary, scaffold-like gangway got us into the airplane.

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