Sunday/ where to put my data?

I ran into this situation again last week : I needed a file with technical information that I knew was only on my home computer’s drive.  This while I was out in San Francisco.   This is not a technology problem.  I could leave my computer on and figure out how access it remotely (but I like to turn it off when I leave the house).  Or I could drop all my files into Google Docs, or Dropbox, or an application called Evernote. These are all ‘cloud’ solutions, providing on-line access to documents from anywhere and at anytime.

I still weigh the risks of using the cloud vs. using an old-fashioned flash drive.  On the cloud your data can get hacked into.  The flash drive can get lost, or get stolen.  For now, I still go with flash – but I know I have to move with the times soon, and go to the cloud.

Data Storage
TIME magazine says we have evolved to ‘the cloud’ with storing our data. Well ! Some of us have, and only with some data, not all.

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