Saturday/ The Gatsby .. is a sandwich

Here’s a graphic from TIME magazine with some trivia about sandwiches around the world. The 1.96 million is the number of Facebook ‘likes’ for the Abu Dhabi-based ‘Just Falafel’ franchise that sells sandwiches with falafel balls on them (ground chick peas, deep-fried). Also mentioned are toast with kaya, a Southeast Asian spread made of coconut and sugar, the German fischbrötchen (a herring sandwich), a Japanese yakisoba-pan (sandwich stuffed with noodles) and the Australian Vegemite on toast (Marmite for me, thank you very much).  Here in the USA we have the hoagie, a split roll that comes stuffed with meat, cheese and peppers.  It actually goes by as many as 13 other names, among them sub, hero and grinder.

The Gatsby
I suppose I should know a Gatsby is a South African sandwich filled with fries, chips, beans and meat : but I didn’t until now. The sandwich originated in the Cape Flats area around Cape Town, where people would basically stuff leftovers into a big sandwich, and split it.

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