Friday/ geeky conference

halo-5 sm
Microsoft’s Halo 5 on the Xbox game console is due for release in 2015.

‘We’re very busy’, said the taxi driver that drove me home last night.   There’s a cruise ship leaving, there’s a big conference in the convention center, and it’s Labor Day weekend.  So today when I saw people outside the Washington State Convention Center here in downtown Seattle, I checked into who they are and that the conference is about.  Well, it’s a gathering of computer gamers.  The PAX Prime game conference is in its 10th year and now draws tens of thousands of visitors that discuss games, and partakes in game tournaments.

IMG_5321 sm
Here’s a gathering of computer gamers outside the Washington State Convention Center today getting some fresh air outside.  I’m on the bus heading home, after spending just a few hours at my firm’s Seattle office.

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