Thursday/ drop the bag drop

IMG_5312 sm
I’m taking a peek from the jet way at the Virgin Atlantic 747, before I step onto the Alaska Airlines plane at San Francisco.

I guess it was a fitting end to a hectic trip, with me arriving late at San Francisco airport to go home this afternoon.   I only had 10 minutes to get though security, so no time to wait in the long line to drop my roller bag as checked luggage. (Hey Alaska Airlines : you need more than one agent manning your check-in counters! Is there a strike back there?).

So out came the shaving cream and big tube of toothpaste (threw it away), and I headed straight to the security line with both my roller bag and backpack.   They were already boarding by the time I got to the gate.

And now I’m home, I ate food from my refrigerator, and I’m going to sleep in my own bed.  Life is good.

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