Wednesday is done. Yay!

My team members and I here on the project had a busy two days.  This morning we were off to a rough start. We had to facilitate a workshop at 8.30 am, and we drove to the wrong location.  So at 8.10 am we had to go back into San Francisco traffic, and finally arrived at the correct location at 8.45 am.   By this time my colleague had her notebook computer logged in via a wireless device into Webex (software that shares one’s computer screen with other users that are logged in remotely, so you can show slides and have everyone discuss the content).  Right outside the car and right then was a guy trimming the hedge in the parking lot and making a lot of noise! (of course!).  Ok, hold on!  We’re coming in to the building, we said.   Once in the meeting room, we continued the discussion, now with real people to talk to.  (Still by far better than video or phone conference).   When it all was over, I realized I left the rental car unlocked with the key inside.  Yikes.  Will it still be there? .. luckily it was.  It was only 10 am in the morning but it felt like a full day to me already.

IMG_5295 sm
This picture is from Monday. I am on the little AirTrain at San Francisco airport, and getting a closer look at the new control tower that is under construction.


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