Monday/ to San Francisco

I took an early morning flight into San IMG_5278 smFrancisco to resume my work on my new project. Alaska Airlines now has its passengers print their own checked luggage tags and put it on their luggage.  This is done at the same machine that is used for airport check-in and printing one’s boarding pass.    Then go and drop it onto the conveyor belt at a baggage drop counter.  The ground agent still checks one’s ID and boarding pass.

Alaska Airlines now has its gates at the International Terminal ‘G’ at SFO.  (The others are Terminals 1, 2 and 3).  The pictures below are from display cases in the Airport Museum in the International Terminal.

IMG_5285 sm
The Jolly Green Giant, the Pillsbury Dough Boy and Mr Peanut are among the characters that sell food items.
IMG_5287 sm
I am not familiar with any of these characters .. but they all look cute and charming in their own way.
IMG_5289 sm
The Mido robot promoted watches from a luxury Swiss watchmaking company, founded in 1918. … A comic strip from this era featured the Mido Robot and its adventures.

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