Monday/ arrival in Cape Town

(Apologies! This post is late!  It was a challenge for me to find an internet connection after my arrival into Cape Town).  I just wanted to report that I arrived safely into Cape Town on Monday night.  The pictures are from Monday morning at Schiphol airport.

IMG_4820 sm
Here’s our Cape Town bound Boeing 777 in the blue and while colors of the Dutch carrier KLM waiting at the gate for us to board.
IMG_4815 sm
Tulip seed stand at Schiphol airport. (Hmm .. I wondered if it’s OK to bring in tulip bulbs or seeds? And I like the giant tulip light).
IMG_4810 sm
How about these giant blue Delft ‘porcelain’ tea cup chairs?
IMG_4809 sm
.. or a wooden clog at this flower stand?
IMG_4797 sm
I stopped and took a picture of this friendly guy on my way to the train station to go to the airport.

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