Wednesday/ handle with care

Since my mom’s house was sold a few weeks ago, we need to clear everything out of it before the end of the month.  There are loose household items and decorations still remaining as well – the most important (read : sentimental) of which are my mom’s paintings on the walls. Some of the artwork date back to when my mom was in art school fifty years ago.   So we just feel we have to keep as many of them as we can, in the family.  (My mom’s new apartment home can only accommodate a few paintings).

I am going to an international mover tomorrow to have a few paintings shipped to Seattle in the States.  They have to be packed carefully, and before shipping, the wood frames and canvases have to be inspected for beetles and insects as well, I’m told.  Yikes, I had never thought of that !

IMG_4875 sm
This painting is one of several versions my mom have painted, of a fisherman’s village with the wooden boats in the front and the whitewashed cottages in the back.
IMG_4913 sm
This painting is older than I am! I remember it well .. of African people hanging out in an urban environment.
IMG_4910 sm
An arrangement of king proteas, indigenous to the Western Cape area here in South Africa.

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  1. These are beautiful Willem! Your mother is very talented. These will look very nice hanging in your home and will bring back many good memories every time you look at them. It is best to decorate your home with memories, things such as your Mom’s paintings, or things that remind you of places you have been.

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