Sunday/ in Amsterdam

So here I am in Amsterdam : I made it in to the Central railway station at around 3 pm from Schiphol airport for my one night stay in the city.  It was cloudy and rainy all afternoon, but for the most part not so rainy that one could not walk around.    From what I saw, I believe Amsterdam still easily carries the title of the world’s most liberal city.  There are pot shops (marijuana shops) everywhere, and one smells it while walking the streets.  People smoke it in restaurants.  And even in broad daylight, there were madams advertising themselves in shop front windows (Oh! Am I in the red light district? I guess I am, I thought. No ma’am, thank you ma’am).  The city is dirty!  It’s actually noted in the newspaper as well.   The writer says maybe now that the Rijksmuseum has been renovated and reopened, it can motivate city officials to do a better job of sweeping the streets.   (Unfortunately I did not have enough time to make it to the museum).

IMG_4786 sm
The Dutch love their cheese .. I did not poke these wheels of cheese outside of a shop on the sidewalk to determine if they were real !
IMG_4781 sm
No entry .. except for bicycles and mopeds, scooters. Those are a menace! Watch out! There are bike lanes everywhere and THEY DO NOT STOP for crossing pedestrians.
IMG_4763 sm
The Amsterdam Centraal railway station’s main hall is as gorgeous as ever. I arrived here from the airport, a 20 minute train ride for €8 (US$10.73). (First class train ticket).
IMG_4737 sm
This is in Schiphol airport .. a nice lamp fixture showing some motifs of the famous (is it still famous? I hope so) blue Deflt porcelain.
IMG_3150 sm
This is close to the hotel where I am staying. I made my way around entirely on foot. I did not make a note of the street.
IMG_3132 sm
The sun is still setting late here, at 9.13 pm. This river canal boat is plying the waters in the Heerengracht canal.

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