Saturday/ Amsterdam bound

IMG_4687 sm
These are ready to go into the suit case. Got to have my m&ms and Starbucks coffee (providing comfort for this traveler). Don’t freak out over the fuel bottle. It’s for a little camping stove that my friend ordered from Amazon, and it is EMPTY!
SA trip
Here’s how I am getting to Cape Town .. Delta Air Lines is getting me to Amsterdam, and then on to Cape Town on the Dutch airline KLM. I plan to stay over one night in Amsterdam one night to give my old bones a break from sitting in an air plane seat.

My bags are packed, almost.  I’m leaving for Amsterdam in the late afternoon, to get me to Cape Town, South Africa.   It’s winter down there, of course – with the climate somewhat similar to here in Seattle in winter time. (Think cool weather, clouds and drizzly rain).  I think Cape Town does have more sunny days than Seattle even in winter, so I do expect to see some sunny weather.

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