Tuesday/ Denver buildings

It was warm here in Denver today : 94 °F (34 °C), the skies clear for most of the day.
I took a few more pictures during lunch time and after work of my favorite Denver buildings.

IMG_4318 sm
The blues of the sky and the browns of the Brown Palace come together nicely in this view. The Brown Palace Hotel was built in 1892 of sandstone and red granite and is Denver’s second oldest operating hotel.  (Yes, old hotels are nice to look at but generally not very nice to stay in – even if they have been renovated!).


IMG_4323 sm
This is the entrance to the Colorado Dept of Education building on Colfax Avenue.  The state seal shows that Colorado achieved statehood in 1876, a hundred years after Independence Day for the USA. Indeed, ‘Centennial State’ is one of the monikers of Colorado. And the motto ‘Nil sine numine’ means ‘Nothing without providence’.
IMG_4327 sm
Every bit of scaffolding has finally been removed from the Colorado State Capitol, bringing its $17 million renovation to completion.

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