Wednesday/ the Denver Mint – and done

IMG_4340 sm
Here is a $1 Presidential coin from 2009, depicting John Tyler, the 10th US President, that I bought at the Denver Mint gift store. It has an edge added to it, possibly of aluminum. It’s a bit of a mystery to me, and I couldn’t find any information about it on-line!

I had a busy day here at the Denver office : wrapping up the hand-over of my duties to new team members, cleaning out my desk and cubicle, and finally doing the rounds and bidding my project’s team members good-bye.

IMG_4339 sm
This giant souvenir penny can also be bought at the Denver Mint gift store for $5. I found it irresistible, and so here it is with a real penny. It is made of a light metal alloy. I guess the S stands for souvenir! (Other coins have a D for Denver or a P for Philadelphia in that position to indicate at which mint they were struck).

So when a little bit of time opened up, I thought  ‘You cannot have worked in Denver for almost a year, and not make it to the Denver Mint .. let’s go!’.  I didn’t have enough time for a tour, and one has to sign up for that weeks ahead of the actual day of the tour anyway – but I could go to the gift shop and ogle the coins and souvenirs on display.  I did came away with some souvenir coins.  There were $1,600 one-ounce gold coins for sale as well, but I steered clear of those!


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