Wednesday/ Cycle 3 is starting up

We are wrapping up Cycle 2 of our B772-3viewsystem’s testing, but there is no rest for the wicked.  We have a big planning meeting for Cycle 3 tomorrow.  If we were building a Boeing (which we are not, luckily), we have now tested the wings, the fuselage and the engines separately in what is called Cycle 2/ String Testing.

In Cycle 3/ Integration Testing, we will put them all together and see if our ‘airplane’ can actually fly.  So! Can we walk through all the screens from start to finish for an integrated business process with real data, and without stoppages or data errors?   The final cycle, Cycle 4, is called User Acceptance Testing.

IMG_3404 sm
We walk by the beautiful Trinity United Methodist Church on Broadway on the way to the office every day.   There was a sprinkle of rain on Wednesday night, but I managed to get to the hotel without getting too wet. 

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