Tuesday/ Denver city walk

Here are pictures from my walk after work in Denver downtown on Tuesday night.

IMG_3345 sm
On the left is the Denver Dry Goods Company Building : a historic department store building on 16th and California St. Built in 1889, it was for a while the largest department store west of Chicago.
IMG_3379 sm
The Byron White United States Courthouse has a grand Neo-Classical design and was built in 1916.
IMG_3380 sm
[From Wikipedia] This is the Byron Rodgers Federal Building right next door to the Courthouse. Completed in 1965, the building was renamed for Colorado Congressman Byron G. Rogers in 1984. In 1996 and 1997, the criminal case against bomber Timothy McVeigh was conducted there.
IMG_3388 sm
And here is Sakura Sqaure on 19th and Larimer : a plaza with a small Japanese garden and busts of Ralph L. Carr, Governor of Colorado from 1939 to 1943, Minoru Yasui, a Japanese-American lawyer, and Yoshitaka Tamai (1900–1983), a Buddhist priest who lived in Denver.
IMG_3389 sm
‘The highest life is when everything results in a feeling of gratitude’ says the inscription on the left of the statue of Yoshitaka Tamai.

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