Monday/ Mr Gadget

Bloomberg Businessweek writes in a story in the latest issue of a Chris Dancy here in Denver that collects information about himself : what he sees, what he does, what he thinks, what he eats eats .. from 10 devices he wears or carries, and 13 more in his home and car.  He started five years ago by archiving his tweets, so that he could search them (at the time Twitter did not allow searches); did the same with his Facebook posts, and eventually ended up funneling all his data in his Google calendar, the world’s most thorough, searchable diary.  (Hmm. Maybe I should zap my blog entries into a Google calendar?). According to Dancy, the proliferating array of information is full of unexpected correlations, such as measuring exactly how much TV and when one has watched it, monitoring and changing one’s diet – and so on.  Chris managed to lose 100 lbs as his first self-improvement project.  He left his job as IT director at a software company earlier this year to make full-time presentations about ‘data-assisted living’.

Chris Dancy

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