Thursday/ all snarled up

Traffic was so bad out to Denver airport today that my taxi driver never got to use interstate I-70 the way he normally does.  There were several construction activities and lane closures to deal with.  We ended up driving all the way along 56th Ave that runs parallel to I-70.   My appeal to airport planners : please please please do not build an airport 30 miles out of the city, and not provide mass transit to and from it – a train or a shuttle bus (with a bus lane).  A freeway filled with 10,000 cars does not work anymore.

IMG_3408 sm
I’m in the taxi on the way to the airport. ‘Stop the World and Let me On’ says the train in Denver downtown .. a play on the old Waylon Jennings country song ‘Stop the World and Let me Off’ ? Unfortunately it does not yet go out to the airport, or I would have taken it.
IMG_3432 sm
.. and here is this week’s construction report of the new Denver airport hotel. The glass window fittings are going slower than I thought, but there is progress to be seen.

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