Monday/ national holidays galore

We’re working our way through several closely-spaced national holidays here in South Africa : there was Good Friday and Easter Monday, and today (since Freedom Day fell on a Sunday). Then on Thursday May 1 it’s Workers Day .. and then on Wednesday May 7 it’s Election Day!  Whoah.    Because of the holiday my brother and I could not pursue the transitioning of a few more accounts into my mom’s name .. but we needed a break anyway, and took a little hike up the mountain here in the neighborhood.

IMG_2213 sm
Here’s a nice view looking south, through the blue-gum trees.  These are not indigenous – nor are the pine trees we find here on our mountain slopes. 
IMG_2212 sm
The proteas ARE indigenous, and beautiful. Here is one we found close to the trail. Sometimes also called sugarbushes, the Protea was named by Carl Linnaeus after the Greek god Proteus, who could change his form at will, because proteas have such different forms (there is about 100 species).
IMG_2215 sm
And as I walked up to the house, the mountain was ablaze with the setting sun’s reflection from the rock faces.

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