Tuesday/ furniture shopping

IMG_2218 smTuesday my sister-in-law and I checked out some furniture stores with my mom.  We need a new sleeper couch and a new driekwartbed (‘three quarter bed’, 74″ x 42″) for my mom’s new digs.  Yes, it’s still a long time before my mom will move, but we wanted to help since it will be a while (or quite a while) before we make it back out here.  We found a nice bed at the Tafelberg Furnishers store, but the sleeper couch offerings fell short.  All of them ugly and very uncomfortable to sit on!  We found a very nice one at a direct sales sleeper couch manufacturer in an industrial area on the way back to Stellenbosch.


Picture : Fabric from one of the furniture items (not one we plan to buy). The San hunter-gatherer peoples are the aboriginal people of South Africa who have lived here for millennia.  The San are one of fourteen known extant “ancestral population clusters” from which all known modern humans descend.

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