Sunday/ Freedom Day

Sunday marked 20 years to the day that the first democratic elections in the ‘New’ South Africa were held, on April 27, 1994.  With the 2014 national elections a little more than a week away, the day is not without controversy, though.  Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town said he is happy Mandela is not alive to see what South Africa’s current leaders are doing to the country.   While everyone gained political freedom in 1994, the matter of economic freedom for all South African citizens in 2014 is a different matter altogether.

4-28-2014 6-33-17 AM

By the numbers, how 1994 and 2013 stack up. Population up, inflation down, the South African currency lost a lot against the US Dollar; a larger number of people working but also a larger number unemployed.  Housing and access to basic services improved, violent crime down but burglaries are up.
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South Africa at 20 .. ‘It is a mighty irony’, says this main article in the Rapport, a Sunday newspaper ..

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