Wednesday/ to Detroit, and into Canada

It was quite a journey from Denver to Detroit and into Canada.  I got into Detroit at 10.00 pm, and had to navigate to the city and the Ambassador Bridge into Canada and on to the little town of Chatham where I’m meeting my USA colleagues and PwC Canada colleagues tomorrow.   I pulled up at the Holiday Inn Express at exactly midnight local time in my rented white Chevy Impala.

IMG_8626 sm
Our jet is a Canadair CRJ700 (manufacturer Bombardier).  The giant cigar tube with wings seats only three across in front, and four in the coach section.  And the overhead bins are small !
IMG_8633 sm
This is 10.00 pm and I have arrived in Detroit, making my way to pick up my luggage and then down to the shuttle bus to take a handful of us to the Hertz car rental lot.
Here’s my printed Google map .. what a lifesaver. I could have used my phone as well, I suppose. This is a 2 hour journey, across the Ambassador bridge into Canada.
IMG_8644 sm
I shouldn’t post this picture of the Ambassador Bridge, but I am anyway.    Yes, I was driving, but 1. the truck on my right was going really slow due to an uphill curve that leads up to the bridge and 2. I had both my hands on the steering wheel with the phone in between resting on it.  I pushed the shutter and immediately put the phone away.

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