Tuesday/ Moorish Revival architecture

Our project office is on Sherman street in a bland office building in downtown Denver (it is modern inside, and I am not complaining about that) .. but check out this spectacular building in the Moorish Revival style right across from it.  (Confession : I had to look up the building’s style on line, I’m not that smart about architecture). I guess the days of building in red brick and in the Moorish Revival style are gone for good? All the more reason these buildings should be protected from the wrecking ball.

IMG_8604 sm
The Sherman Street Event Center was built in 1906 and features a beautiful Byzantine themed grand ballroom with a wraparound mezzanine, a theatre with pitch perfect acoustics and a collection of Arts and Crafts styled meeting rooms. It is considered to be the finest example of Moorish Revival architecture in the region and is listed on both the National and Colorado Registry of Historic Places.


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