Sunday/ Thinking in Numbers

My ‘Thinking in Numbers’ book has arrived, and I think I will like it a lot from what I have read so far.  I have to make it an early night because the flight leaves frightfully early (5.15 am) in the morning.   I am going to Denver – and yes, I know I was just there for my stopover back from Toronto!   My new project is at an oil company headquartered in the city.   The last time I helped an oil company convert their information systems to SAP in was in 1999.   The crude oil price at the time dipped down to $18 a barrel.  These days it sits at $110 per barrel and is heading higher.

IMG_8308 sm
My new book with some Canadian coins from my recent trip. The coins are from left to right : Toronto Transit Commission token (single fare on the subway); 5c coin is now the smallest denomination – no more Canadian pennies; caribou on the Canadian quarter; but the Canadian $2 coin with the polar bear on is my favorite.

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