Saturday/ back to the U.S.A.

IMG_8291 sm
I’m about to step onto Air Canada’s Embraer 190, the Brazilian jet. I was Denver bound, to catch a connection to Seattle. Each flight segment was about 3 hrs.
IMG_8285 sm
This way to the U.S. of A. .. sign at Toronto airport.
IMG_8301 sm
Check out this new CAD$20 bill. I would say it’s just about impossible to counterfeit. The bill is a polymer note, and was released in Nov 2012. The see-through plastic panels have holograms imbedded in them.

When traveling back to the USA from Canada, all the customs formalities are done in the Canadian airport, before one even sets foot in the USA.  My Global Entry accreditation that I did for my trips to China is still valid (it is $100 for 5 years), and it came in handy today.  I could bypass a very long line at the passport control by scanning my passport, looking into the camera, and providing four fingerprints.   I was very tired, and the flights felt very long : one to Denver (3 hrs) and one to Seattle (3 hrs).

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