Friday/ We did well ! (We think)

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The Royal York station is on the green line, the one that I took to get to downtown. My colleagues were all headed to the airport, but were nice enough to drop me at the end of the green line some 4 miles from the airport (Kipling station). If you have someone to drop you there or pick you up at Kipling station, it ‘s quite a bargain : CAD$3, vs a taxi of CAD $55, between the airport and downtown.
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Whoah! That’s a lot of green. The inside of a pan-Asian restaurant on Yonge St.
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Here’s the throng of fans looking out for – Hugh Jackman? at one of 34 theatres that screens films for the 38th Toronto International Film Festival. (Say ‘tiff’ for short). I just saw the closed streets and the commotion and then found out what is was when I got there.
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This is earlier in the evening, on Church St. There is plenty of new construction going on, but these old homes house businesses and display a lot of character.
IMG_8265 sm
Here’s a Grolsch-beer sponsored tricycle I found in downtown on King St. Two passengers are just exiting.

So there we were Friday, seated up in front facing a panel of about fifteen client team people listening and looking at to our presentation for 45 minutes (I only did 4 of the 26 slides).  Then there was an Q & A for the next hour and 15 mins.  We were not perfect (who is?) but we think we did well. We stumbled on one question, and was a little too vague on one or two others.   So we shook some hands, and piled into the van back to Toronto.  We felt good about our effort .. but for now it is out of our hands.  I  stayed over, only going out to Seattle on Saturday morning.

IMG_8214 vert sm
The Starbucks on Yonge Street close to the Marriott Courtyard is in a beautiful red brick building.

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