Thursday/ six for the pitch

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The conference rooms in our Toronto PwC office are named after cities of the world. There was Tokyo, New York, Shanghai, some others and hey .. Johannesburg, South Africa.
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Another glimpse of the CN tower as we leave Toronto to drive to Chatham.
9-6-2013 4-54-55 PM
It was a 4 hr drive down to Chatham on Thu night in heavy traffic. Normally it’s closer to 3 hours. We ended up close to Detroit, in the southernmost part of Canada, wedged between Lake Huron and Lake Erie.

The floor which we were in on Thursday for our preparation had even fancier technology in the meeting rooms : big screen projectors descending from the ceiling at the touch of a button; and little microphones on the table to speak into for those conference calls where someone is always too far from the phone or speaking too softly.   Andrè our presentation coach was at it again, and we went through several dry runs.   We also went through a list of anticipated questions, and practiced who would answer, and what we would say.  By 5.30 pm, the five of us that were going to present to the client on Friday, piled into a van with our luggage and all.  We had to pick up our 6th team member at Toronto airport, and then headed out to the town of Chatham where the gas utility company’s headquarters are.  No fancy hotels there; we stayed in a Comfort Inn (which was very comfortable given that I only got 5 and 6 hours of sleep the previous two nights).  Friday was going to be a big day.

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