Wednesday/ prepping

We spent all day going over our presentation materials, and we had a coach to critique our presentation methods as well.   Said he :  ‘I know it’s not easy, but you have to boast a little and sell yourself!’, and remember : at the same time the client should feel they want to hire you, that they want to work with you (so don’t come across as arrogant) !   I spent a little time after work walking around the office in downtown Toronto, but then had to go back to the hotel and catch up on my sleep.

IMG_8155 sm
Twin high-rise condo buildings as seen from our offices on the 16th floor. That’s Lake Ontario with a little sail boat visible between the buildings.
IMG_8161 sm
This is the view looking out in the opposite direction .. there’s the Fairmont Hotel, with lots of construction going on in front of it around Union Station (regional trains; there is also a metro train system in the city).
IMG_8169 sm
Here’s our logo .. the PwC offices are in a new glass and steel building, some 30 floors tall.
IMG_8176 sm
I love this metal inlay in the Union Station entrance hall : a tribute to Robert Stephenson’s Rocket steam locomotive.
IMG_8175 sm
The CN broadcasting tower is in the downtown area as well. I hope it does not attract too many lightning bolts in heavy weather !

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