Friday/ catching up on the news

It’s nice to be back home and to be able to use my internet connection without watching the minutes and agonize over the time it takes to upload a single picture.  I can read all kinds of things such as ‘Boeing stock tumbles after another fire on a 787’, ‘Microsoft announces massive company-wide reorganization’ and ‘Seattle among the snobbiest cities in the USA’ (this one according to a survey done by Travel & Leisure magazine) .. aw, are we that bad?  I once worked with a young Texan from Dallas here in the Seattle area, and he was very adamant that Texas has many more beautiful women than Seattle does.

I discovered that one of the Windows 8 wallpapers features a ‘Rock of Cashel’ castle picture. We were right there some 10 days ago.   I just did not take such a spectacular picture.   I love the ‘dark’ atmosphere that the grey clouds add. The sheep in the foreground are oblivious and are just grazing away.

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