Saturday/ ‘Not Guilty’, says the jury

The jury in the (in)famous George Zimmerman case here in the USA – which involved the shooting of a 17-year old black teenager out on the streets of a gated community in Florida, by a neighborhood watchman (Zimmerman) – reached a verdict on Saturday night : not guilty. Wow! I thought, since I was surprised, and I think it is fair to say most people that had been following the media coverage of the case, were, too.  USA Today newspaper points out the difficulties of the case, though – and that the media likes to paint with black and with white, and no shades of grey :   ‘Life is packed with nuances and subtleties and shades of gray.  But the news media are often uncomfortable in such murky terrain. They prefer straightforward narratives, with good guys and bad guys, heroes and villains. Those tales are much easier for readers and viewers to relate to..

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