Thursday/ arrived in Seattle

IMG_7613 sm
Our British Airways 747-400 that brought us to Seattle, at the arrival gate in Seattle. We had just stepped off the plane.

We made it!  We had more than three hours at Heathrow’s Termical 5 before the flight back to Seattle -but the experience at Heathrow was a good one.  Everything works well and the security check point was efficient and not nearly as onerous as the ones here in the States.  After arriving at Seattle airport, it took more than an hour to get through passport control at US Customs.  And there was more waiting at the taxi stands : the lines were very long.  So we opted for the light rail train from the airport to Mount Baker station where our friend Steve came to pick us up.  Thanks Steve!

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  1. Great trip, Willem, and a great blog documenting our adventures shoreside. It has been a pleasure being with you and the others. More travels together in the future. Dale

  2. I really enjoyed your beautiful blog of pictures and writings. Are you sure you are not a writer? Your surely appear to be, Am sure it was a wonderful cruise and trip. Again hope it was okay for Steve to share your blog with me.
    Pat Kinholt {Steve’s Mom]

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