Thursday/ Seattle via Cincinnati

IMG_7327 sm
I didn’t think I’d see paper tickets again, but here it is – looks like Delta still used the old mainframe system for my transfer to the new flight.
IMG_7328 sm
The view from where I was sitting in the regional jet that took us from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati.  It’s SOGGY outside.  That Southwest plane at the gate has to be a Boeing 737.  Southwest Airlines is the largest operator of Boeing 737s world-wide, with some 550 in service. 
IMG_7330 sm
Making a dash for the Seattle-bound Boeing 757 sitting at the gate at Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport. It’s a long name for a modestly-sized airport!
Thu Jun 27 trip
Here’s my trip : a short hop west to Cincinnati from Pittsburgh, then on to Seattle in the great Pacific Northwest.

I had quite an adventure getting to the hotel last night, but the Hertz rental car’s Neverlost navigation system got me there and back to the airport.  A good thing it was, that I arrived early : Delta called me and said they have a better itinerary for me, through Cincinnati instead of Minneapolis.  Besides, the storm system may delay the Pittsburgh flight again, so better to get out on the earlier flight to Cincinnati, said the agent. No problem!  Make the change and thank you! I said.

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