Friday/ good to go

IMG_7341 sm
My checked bag get an extra tag that shows the cruise and the cabin the bag should go to.
IMG_7345 sm
Five pounds won’t go very far – but hopefully it’s good for a beer. (I have more British currency, and Euros and good old US dollars).

I am more or less packed for the flight to London for the British Isles cruise on the Princess Cruise line. Just a few more things and then close the suitcase.  I have printed luggage tags for the ship, and these go on to the luggage checked in for the flight.  That way they can handle it and put it on the bus that will take us to the Southampton port from London Heathrow airport.    I even have some British pounds and Euro currency in case I need it for an emergency.  Will we ever get to a cashless world?  Not in a long time, at least.

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