Wednesday/ staying over, again

IMG_7321 sm
My Singha beer went well with my dinner at the Papya Thai restaurant near the airport. 

Oy.  Delta delayed my flight out of Pittsburgh to Minneapolis-St.Paul again by enough to make it impossible for me to get to Seattle.  At least I found out about this before returning my rental car, and checking my bag.  So I’m staying over and shipping out on Thu morning to Seattle.  I have to go and pack for my trip out to London with to embark on the Princess cruise ship Friday night London time!

P.S. It is a momentous day for married gay couples in California, and those planning to marry in states that have marriage equality.   The long-awaited US Supreme Court ruling of today declared Prop 8 as well as the ‘Defence Of Marriage Act’ unconstitutional (see my post Prop 8 and DOMA).

IMG_7319 sm
And here is the extended parking lot at Pittsburgh airport where I stopped to rebook my flight and found a hotel for the night. The Hyatt at the airport had rooms, but was too pricey. It was hard to find another hotel! I had to drive back almost all the way to the city to find a Marriott Springfield Suites. (I’m not a hotel snob, but it has to be a Marriott property, so that I know what I am getting).


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