Sunday/ the Bullitt is open for business

Here is one more post for the Bullitt center as a follow-up to the ones I made some six months ago when construction was underway :  Seattle’s new ultra-green building and   Bite the Bullitt.   The sleek and shiny solar-paneled building is now ready for its opening on Monday (Earth Day).

IMG_8573 sm
Here’s the completed building with its fully fitted solar-paneled roof, its big windows and shiny outside cladding.  There will be a little opening ceremony on Monday (it now looks like the blue skies will hold and the white canopy will not be necessary!).  And is the white Nissan Leaf electric car on the right parked alongside by coincidence, or there to complete the picture?   There is no parking garage below the building, only some bicycle racks.
IMG_8575 sm
Here is the view from the front. The little triangular park in front of it has always been there, but got a little make-over with ferns and wooden log ‘benches’. The big trees will get a lot leafier with summer approaching.

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