Monday/ an aardvark for Earth Day

Monday was Earth Day.  I took the Earth Day web site’s footprint calculator (here and the outcome was not good.  If everyone on the face of the earth lived as large as I did, there would have to be 7.1 earths to provide the resources needed.   (Maybe it was the 100 hrs+ of airplane flying that did me in?  At least I have not traveled much at all the last four weeks! .. I suppose the same number of planes flew anyway, though.  But hey, at least I recycle everything I can, and try hard not to waste water and electricity).   And I couldn’t resist posting the cute aardvark with its huge rabbit ears.    Aardvark is Afrikaans (or Dutch) and its direct translation is ‘hog of the earth’.

The Foot Print Calculator on the Earth Day website says if everyone lived the way I did (house, eating habits, transport) there would have to be 7.1 planet Earths needed. Ouch.
An aardvark.  They are still found widely in Africa and are not an endangered species. 

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