Saturday/ the tower has the power

The Lenovo Thinkcentre M82 is the mean machine that I ordered.

I finally took the plunge on Saturday and had to make several decisions to arrive at the point of ordering a replacement  desktop computer for my home office.
#1. Windows and not Apple (enough Apple on my iPhone and iPad).
#2. Windows 8 and not Windows 7 (got the have the newest in spite of some reports that W8 is ‘awful’. I will tweak the interface to make it work the best for me).
#3. Tower and not all-in-one or mini-tower (to keep my options open; tower offers most USB connections and a solid state boot disk with no moving parts).
#4. No touch screen for now. It’s not an iPad and I can get one later. Besides, Apple has done a ton of research on vertical touch screens, and concluded they are terrible ergonomically.
#5. Lenovo over Dell and H-P. I liked the look of the box; and I get a nice discount through my company.
This might very well be my last desktop machine I buy, but I also have some doubts. For a home office I think one needs a stationary machine with a nice big screen, with connected printers* (I have two), a document scanner and the cable modem hard-wired.   *I guess I could get wireless printers, but the ones I have are not and work perfectly fine.

This Thinkpad is just out and my company has announced that everyone will get one of these from now on as well. I just got a new notebook computer for work, though – so I will have to be patient and wait a while before I get my grubby hands on this one.

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