Friday/ one dead, one wounded in custody

(Caveat : I am not a news organization.  I am just reporting what is interesting and fascinating to me!).  So the manhunt did end on Friday night, thankfully.   Shortly after the lock-down was lifted at the end of the day with one suspect killed and the second suspect still on the loose, a resident discovered #2 in his boat in his backyard.  He was apparently badly wounded with blood on the tarp, and on him. (What a story the resident has story to tell).  The resident retreated and called 9-1-1.  Then all hell broke loose (again). A helicopter with thermal imaging showed the suspect couldn’t really move, and so the SWAT team moved in, captured him, and sent him off in an ambulance.   So all of Boston is out on the streets.  The President gave an address on TV.   But the harder questions remain : why did the two brothers do it?  Was there anyone else?  Here is an article from the Washington Post that explains some of the history of Chechnya and Dagestan where the brothers grew up before their parents brought them to the USA (they were given political asylum) :

The boat where the second suspect was hiding away, wounded, and discovered by the home owner that went outside to smoke .. and noticed something wrong on the tarp on the boat.
Andrew Kitzenberg used his Twitter account to post an eyewitness account from what was going on outside his window on Thursday night. One post said ‘the black hawks are here’. Another showed a picture with a bullet hole in the wall and through the back of the desk chair.

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