Monday/ from Moon to Mars

IMG_5105 sm
Google maps on my iPhone shows how to get from Moon to Mars.


I’m in Pennsylvania, in the Pittsburgh area again for a few days.  Moon is just north of Pittsburgh airport, and Mars is where the hotel is.  It’s a 40 min drive to the hotel.   There is snow on the ground but the roads are clear of snow and ice.  Just watch out on the turns for iced surfaces !

P.S.  So the black birds (Ravens) won the Superbowl, and no word from officials at the Superdome and its energy company, Entergy, as to what caused the 34 minute black-out. A circuit breaker worked as designed, but why did the circuits become overloaded?  ‘It’s NOT Beyoncé’s fault*’ says James L. Kirtley Jr., professor of electrical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

*Beyoncé and her dancers put on a dazzling, hologram-assisted halftime show on a lit-up LCD-like stage floor.

IMG_5109 sm
My cell phone could not quite handle the bright white of the Heinz ketchup sign. (I may have posted a picture of it before, but hey, here’s another). Heinz’s world headquarters is in Pittsburgh.

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