Sunday/ watching Superbowl XLVII

IMG_7883 sm
Alicia Keys singing the national anthem at the opening.

It’s Sunday afternoon in Seattle and I’m watching Superbowl XLVII.  The San Francisco 49ers are playing against the Baltimore Ravens.

IMG_7889 sm
The teams are getting ready for the coin toss.
IMG_7894 sm
Comedienne Amy Poehler is peppering the Best Buy (electronics store) assistant with questions such as ‘Is this in the cloud?’ ‘Where is the cloud? ‘What’s LTE? Is it contagious?’ ‘What’s the differences between all these phones? ‘Does it make you uncomfortable if I use the word ‘dongle’?”  ‘Will my Kindle read 50 Shades of Grey to me in a sexy voice?’ ‘Will you?’


IMG_7899 sm
‘Those pads are worn UNDER your clothes’ whispers Sheldon to Leonard while Penny looks on (characters from the Big Bang Theory, a show so popular that it is called the new ‘Friends’).

IMG_7903 sm
[Doritos ad] The dad was enticed by his daughter’s bag of Doritos chips to dress up in drag. Five minutes later his buddies from outside joined. The mom shows up, not very upset at all, but then asks ‘Is that my WEDDING dress?’ ‘Maybe’ says the dad.
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[Article from New York Times Sunday magazine]. Master statistician Nate Silver (earned his stripes in politics, though) says the better defense team is the one that’s favored to win. San Francisco in this case BUT right now they are trailing badly, 6-21 just before half time.

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